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    Each boat is assigned four crew members. Please list other participants you wish to crew with, understanding that this will be honored only if the same request is made in writing by each of the other parties listed here:

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    Basic Keelboat 101
    Performance Sailing 102
    Basic Cruising 103
    Bareboat Cruising 104
    Coastal Navigation 105
    Coastal Passage Making 106
    Celestial Navigation 107
    Offshore Passage Making 108
    Performance Race Week 109
    Power Cruising on Powerboat 112
    Catamaran Endorsement 114

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    *What type of racing have you done the most in the past two years?

    *Which type and size boat(s) did you race on most in the past two years? (Check all that apply)

    *During the past two years, which roles have your done the most? (Check all that apply)

    *If “driver” – how many starts did you do EACH YEAR in the past two years?

    *If you sail on boats with spinnakers, indicate which type of spinnaker you fly the most and which actions you are most comfortable doing? (Check all that apply)

    *Where have you raced the most in the last two years? (Check all that apply)

    *If Other, Please write in:

    *Which of these skills are you most comfortable doing aboard? (Check all that apply)

    *Rank what is most important to you about taking a racing course (1 least important, 5 most important)

    To win races as skipper when I get back home

    To win races as crew when I get back home

    To learn how to race more competitively

    Just to learn how to race

    To generally improve my sailing skills

    To have fun on a sailing vacation

    *What type of crew do you like to race with most?

    *Please answer the following general sailing and racing questions

    Which of these knots are you comfortable tying:

    When sailing upwind are your sails:

    Which of these are the five points of sail:

    If the leeward jib telltale is fluttering, do you:

    A wind shift towards the bow is called a:

    When you boat is hit by a puff of wind, does the apparent wind go:

    Is a starting sequence:

    Is the “Zone” around the mark:

    Are those boat lengths measured by:

    When you enter a harbor in U.S. waters should the green buoy be to your:

    If your course heading is 225° are you sailing:

    Does the apparent wind change with the boat’s speed and direction?

    Have you calculated a Course to Steer (CTS) and Estimated Position (EP)?

    *Please tell us about your health and physical capabilities?

    Do you have any physical problems that would make it difficult for you to:

    Please explain:

    Are you currently going through treatment for an illness or have you had any major impairments such as a stroke, heart attack, or an injury that limits your flexibility, strength and ability to move about the boat with ease?:

    Please explain:

    Are you fully-vaccinated against COVID-19?

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