Sailing Resume for Flotilla Cruises

This form is to be completed before your application to participate in a Colgate Sailing Adventures™ flotilla cruise is confirmed. It will be reviewed by our management team who will decide if your sailing skills are sufficient to participate in the cruise you have chosen. If accepted, this resume will also be used by the flotilla cruise leaders to put crews together and designate a Skipper and Navigate for each boat. If you have others in your party who have signed up, each must fill out a separate form.

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    *Do you have any sailing or power certifications?

    If YES, check all boxes below that apply and fill in the information required on each applicable line. If you earned certification at Offshore Sailing School, just use OSS on the School Name line. USSA indicates your certification is from US Sailing. ASA indicates your certification is from American Sailing Association. RYA is the Royal Yachting Association and CYA, formerly Canadian Yachting Association, is now Sail Canada.

    *Course Name

    *Course Name

    *School Name


    *Years Earned

    *Size Boat

    Basic Keelboat 101
    Performance Sailing 102
    Basic Cruising 103
    Bareboat Cruising 104
    Coastal Navigation 105
    Coastal Passage Making 106
    Celestial Navigation 107
    Offshore Passage Making 108
    Performance Race Week 109
    Power Cruising on Powerboat 112
    Catamaran Endorsement 114

    *Do you have a Marine Radio Operator's Permit for a VHF radio??

    *Do you have an International Proficiency Certificate (IPC)?

    If Yes, from

    *Have you sailed on a Colgate Sailing Adventures Flotilla Cruise before?

    If Yes, list the year, location, and your role aboard for the last four you participated in.




    *Have you bareboat chartered on your own or with others in the past?

    If Yes, list the year, location, and your role aboard for the last four you participated in




    *Which position(s) are you most comfortable doing on a sailboat? (Check all that apply)

    *Which type and size boats have you sailed on most? (Check all that apply)

    *Which of these skills are you most comfortable doing aboard? (Check all that apply)

    *Would you like to be skipper or navigator on this flotilla cruise?

    Based on the information provided on this form, the cruise leader will designate a Skipper and Navigator on each boat in the flotilla when putting the crews together.

    *Please answer the following questions:

    Is the port side of the boat on your right or left side as you face forward?

    Check each box if you can tie that knot.

    A tack is a

    Have you ever reefed a mainsail?

    When reefing are you

    If the leeward jib telltale is fluttering, you

    A wind shift towards the bow is called a

    When you enter a harbor in U.S. waters, should the green buoy be to your right or left?

    Which of these are the five points of sail

    If your course heading is 225°, you are sailing

    A divider is used to

    When a boat’s main boom is on the boat’s starboard side, is it on a

    When sailing upwind your sails are

    What does “jibe ho” mean?

    Compass error caused by metal influences on a boat is called

    Does the apparent wind change with the boat’s speed and direction?

    Have you calculated a Course to Steer (CTS) and Estimated Position (EP)?

    Are you familiar with operating a GPS (global positioning system) on a boat?