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Go-Fast Sailing Techniques

Our sailboat racing classes are both competitive and fun! In Offshore Sailing School Performance Sailing and Sailboat Racing Courses, go fast sailing techniques and sailboat safety are emphasized. Learn how to sail faster with Offshore Sailing School.

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OSS 102 – Performance Sailing Courses in Florida

This sailboat racing class is the next step up from our Learn to Sail Certification Courses. Performance Sailing Courses cover more advanced techniques and provide more than just go-fast sailing skills. An Offshore Sailing School Performance Sailing Course also expands and solidifies your knowledge and confidence level. Even if your ultimate goal is cruising, you’ll find this course invaluable in re-establishing your understanding of sailing.

“It was one of the most challenging and satisfying weeks! We came away feeling deeply ‘grounded’ in our knowledge of better sailing techniques. And setting the spinnaker was a blast. A fantastic week!”

Laura Briggs and Dave Brown – Camby, IN
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OSS 102/109 – Fast Track® to Sailboat Racing in Florida(39)_1.13_Mark-rounding_700x465

Fast Track® to Sailboat Racing gives you all the skills you need to start winning more races in one terrific 10-day getaway. For graduates of Offshore Sailing School’s Learn to Sail Certification Course or those who sail small to mid-sized boats, this introduction to racing sailboats starts with the 3-day accelerated Performance Sailing Course, and then goes right into the 7-day Performance Race Week. Check out this Behind-the-Scenes video from our 2019 Race Week event. It was a blast!

“Fast Track to Performance Race Week is a great experience that can accelerate the learning curve for those of us who want to learn to sail fast but can’t get enough sailing time in during our normal lives to do so quickly.”

Jay Hermann – Denver, CO
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OSS 109 – Performance Race Week in Florida

This sail racing course has been a fantastic collaboration for the past 20 years between Offshore Sailing School and North U – the premier racing seminar provider in the United States. Performance Race Week is held once each year, with North U director, Bill Gladstone, heading up an impressive roster of expert racing coaches. You and your crew mates spend each day learning tactics, tweaking your sails and crew for efficient racing on all points of sail, practicing many starts, and pushing hard to get to the first mark, and the finish line in a regatta on the last day!

“Performance Race Week was a phenomenal experience. It is clear that Offshore Sailing School and Bill Gladstone went above and beyond to provide a rewarding experience. Our coach was helpful beyond measure – always patient, pushing each of our envelopes at the same time.”

Jefrey Fishman – Birmingham, MI
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